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Top 10 Top 10 Tech Lists of the Month

Ring them bells for the blind and the deaf,
Ring them bells for all of us who are left,
Ring them bells for the chosen few
Who will judge the many when the game is through.

It seems Top 10 lists are all the rage these days, so before the month ends, I figured I’d jump onto the bandwagon and present my Top 10 Tech Lists of the Month. As far as I can tell, all these lists were first published in March 2009.

Top 10 domain name sales WE 15th March 2009
I love these lists. Gary somehow discovers the most expensive domain name sales. I’m not sure how he does it, but I’m glad he does. In the Week Ending 15 March 2009, the winner was at $400,000. I got for slightly less. I wonder when we’ll be seeing this kind of list for Twitter handles. Or are they out already?

Top Ten Domain Name Sales

Top 10 Things That Annoy Programmers
Okay, I don’t code often these days. I’m told it isn’t part of my job description. And when I do code, my developers tell me my code sucks anyway. But I still remember every item in this list driving me insane. Probably a good list to accidentally leave on your managers desk if they are guilty of any of the sins mentioned. By the way, does anyone else remember this classic: “How To Write Unmaintainable Code” by Roedy Green. It’s about 10 years old.

Annoyed Coder

Top Ten Things We Learned on a SharePoint WCM Project
We do a lot of SharePoint projects. Most go pretty well, but we run into trouble every now and again. I think my company would struggle to publish a list like this onto the interwebs, but it is nice to see that other people still can. This provides an interesting read. Although he missed Lesson #1 in my book: “Think Very Carefully Before Using MOSS for a Public Facing WWW Site”.


Top Ten Twitter Tools
Sorry, but we do have to have one Twitter list in here. My favorite is TweetDeck, and I use Twitterfeed for this blog. They don’t mention Tweleted, which is pretty interesting too. Don’t use it if you’re paranoid. And if ten Twitter tools aren’t enough for you, you could have a look at this list of the Top 100 Twitter Tools.


Top 10 Tech Companies That Pay Engineers The Most
Using the data from, Om Malik lists the Ten Companies that pay the most. Some companies on here that you’d expect, and others that you would. Google is top according to this list. Interesting reading, especially if you’re a greedy bastard. No idea if this list can be believed at all.

Tech Salaries

Top 10 Tips for WordPress Plugin Developers
I wish I could say I was a WordPress developer, but at the moment I’m not. I really cocked up by hosting this blog on, and plan to move it to and host it myself when I get a chance. But, in the meantine, these are things I’d consider if I had access to anything on my blog. There a plenty of Top 10 WordPress lists this month, but I’m sticking with this one.


10 iPhone Apps to Manage Your Job Search on the Go
Another entry that I can’t really take advantage of for two reasons. Firstly, I haven’t been fired yet. Secondly, I’ve got a really old, jailbroken, unlocked iPhone that doesn’t have the latest firmware for a number of reasons. Most apps in the App Store tell me to upgrade, which I can’t easily do for fear of having to pay my own phone bill. It’s a good list though. If I had a Google Phone, I might have used this 10 Interesting Social Applications for your Google Phone instead.

iPhone Job Search

The Top 10 Greatest Moments in Microsoft Internet Search History
At a time when Microsoft’s search is really struggling, it is interesting to remember some of the major events in the battle for Internet search. Starts with Larry and Sergey back in 1997 and runs to the present.

Microsoft Search

Top 10 US search engines in February 2009
Just nice to be reminded that Google is the only search engine we care about at 63.5% of the market. Yahoo! and MSN/Windows Live limp into double figures, and the rest aren’t even worth talking to any more. Seems you can’t keep walls around gardens these days.


Top 10 new Drupal themes for March 2009
I don’t know a huge amount about Drupal, but all of these look impressive. And I do know that Drupal is probably the most widely used CMS out there (excluding pure play Blogging platforms), so it needs a mention here.

Drupal Theme

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