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#songsincode – The Geekiest Hashtag in History

You hand in your ticket
And you go watch the geek
Who immediately walks up to you
When he hears you speak
And says, “How does it feel
To be such a freak?”

It’s official. The geeks still pwn Twitter. Just when one started to think the normal people were taking over, #songsincode enters the fray. Now this is without doubt the geekiest hashtag to trend. Yes, you heard me. #songsincode is trending.


So what is it all about. In summary, people are writing song lyrics using a variety of programming languages. I’ve seen Java, C#, Perl, Ruby, Python, SQL, .htaccess and nonsensical hybrids. I tried to do an XSLT one but was snookered by the verbosity.  However, @bdelacretaz and @4dz managed. If you’ve seen other languages, please leave a link in the comments.

I’m not going to compile my list of favourites. There are far too many. The sitepoint blog has started a list. I’m sure many more will follow. However, below are the attempts of the people in my little Twitter network.


!( !( !( !( !( !( !( !( !( !( !( !( !limit) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ) ; if (!limit) { sky.reachFor(); } #songsincode

namespace Nelly {public class House() {if (this.temp > 30) {foreach(Person p in this.People) {p.Strip();}} }} #songsincode

OK @McBoof, if (myFriend!=null && isBlowing(Weather.TYPE_WIND)) return (answer(question,Question.TYPE_PHILOSOPHICAL) in Wind); #songsincode

if(bottle.hasMessage()) throw new SosToTheWorldException; #songsincode

var I = !you; var me = feel(Color.fromRGB(#0000FF)); I = lost(!Color.of(you)); #songsincode

Submarine sub=new Submarine(){color=Colors.Yellow}; #songsincode

@McBoof or alternatively sub no { my $n = shift; if($n <= 10) { no($n+1); } else { no_limit(); } }

money++ cash++ hoes++ #songsincode

This kind of thing couldn’t happen on MySpace or FaceBook. Another reasons why Twitter still rocks.

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7 comments to #songsincode – The Geekiest Hashtag in History

  • p

    SELECT p.* FROM people p JOIN tasks t WHERE t.complete = true AND t.activity LIKE ‘%let out%’ AND t.object LIKE ‘%dogs%’;

    • Clearly I’m more of a Trekkie than you even though I don’t come close to calinlg myself a fan of the series at all. I have seen the original cast films, a lot of the original series, a half dozen of the Next Generation series, and some Enterprise (can’t say no to Scott Bakula). But as a whole, Trek is not a turn on or selling point for me. Yet I’m so geeked up over this, it’s ridiculous. Good to hear the casting is, for the most part, on. I’ve been intrigued and impressed with the casting choices and it’s good to see they’re panning out.Thanks for the spoiler-free review. I appreciate it.And you’re such a bad liar you’d be first in line for Radioactive Hamsters and you know it.

  • the tough get going

    the tough get rough

  • :) you’ve actually rendered my xslt…

  • JS

    This one didn’t fit into Twitter, so the one I posted there is butchered a bit. if ( >,,, 22)) and ( <,,, 5))

  • We’re planning to get #songsincode trending again on Friday 20 November, three months after @proxymoron created the meme. Want to join us? :)

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