November 2010
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I’ve Learned Stuff In The Past Two Hours

If today was not an endless highway,
If tonight was not a crooked trail,
If tomorrow wasn’t such a long time,
Then lonesome would mean nothing to you at all.

The family is sick in bed and fast asleep, so I got a few rare moments to browse the intarwebs. I discovered RockMelt, instalyrics and I also learned about jquery-raptorize but that’s not important right now.

RockMelt – @rockmelt

RockMelt is a new browser built on Chrome (my browser of choice) that includes some funky new integrations with the shits the cool kids are using. And I’m trying to be a cool kid. Let’s see if it does better than Flock, the previous attempt at a social browser that I remember. The fact that it is backed by The Daddy Of Browsers, Marc Andreessen certainly can’t hurt. I was lucky enough to briefly meet Marc at a Top Secret Event a few months ago. He’s my kind of guy and most things he touches turn to gold. You can watch a video on their site right now. Looking forward to my invite arriving.

InstaLyrics – @instalyrics

I love my music and, as my legions loyal readers will know, I love searching for lyrics. Every post on this blog starts with a Bob Dylan lyric, for example. I take longer finding the lyrics than I do writing the posts! You know how when searching the dark corners of the web for lyrics you get pron-popups and warez assaulting you from all angles? Well none of that here. Kudos really should go to musiXmatch that provide the fully legit API that powers this. I heart APIs.

Okay, I’ve known about for a while. But I never knew how much I fucking hate the thing. I hate hate hate it, and hate it more as it grows every more popular. Sure, it is pretty and all, but this monster turns everyone into an aggregator, and a noisy one at that. It’s even more annoying than FourSquare for Twitter spam. The sneaky bastard even gets into my “mentions” stream. Please, please, dear Tweetdeck, add some functionality to filter out this evil. And dear twits, stop the auto-promote daily tweets I implore you. Oh, and in case you hadn’t heard, The Who Gives A Fuck Daily is out! Top stories by @mcboof @mcboof @mcboof

Well, that’s all I learned. Anything else cool out there?

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