April 2024
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How to Avoid CMS Selection Confuction

In which I reveal the two most important questions one should ask when selecting a CMS.

Newsstand in a Nutshell

A year ago I had a dream that I was having an intimate chat with Steve Jobs about newspaper and magazine applications. “All the news apps currently out there “, he said after a thoughtful pause, “are shit. Why on earth should I have to wait tens of seconds, or even minutes, after I start the app before I can see the first page of my publication?”

Epic Fail Epics

I want to write a poetry book, and I want y’all to write it for me. It’s going to be a poetry book documenting epic tech fails in 2011. So we’ve got lots of material from the last few days, and quite a bit more from the year. More than happy to have multiple poems per incident.

Selling Out Friends on Empire Avenue

In order to understand the social media douchebaggery that happens on our interwebs, you need to hold your nose and dive in some times. I try most things, but get bored of them pretty quickly. So I figured I had to try Empire Avenue (EAv), the stock trading game in which the stocks are people, and the bigger the douchebag the higher the value. Fortunately you don’t need to piss off (invite) your friends to get started.

Google’s Moat and Castle

In a fit of madness, I tried to draw a summary of everything Google is involved in, and all of their main competitors. Utter madness I tell you.

Crunch Time for RIM

Poor RIM took a beating this evening after announcing their quarterly financials. It all seems rather up and down. Probably more down. Here is my summary of their 2011 so far.

Shooting down paywalls

With the New York Times paywall coming up, I thought I’d dump some more paywall thoughts. Are secure paywalls even a good idea?

Back with a Bang

My blog hasn’t had enough attention recently. You see, I was involved in some top secret shiftyness and I signed a lot of pieces of paper which meant I couldn’t really talk about a lot of interesting things. But I’m free from that now.

McBoof’s Predictions For Content Management In 2011

Right, sheeple – it’s time to learn something from the Great McBoof. Normally you’d expect to pay somewhere between $5000 and $10000 for this kind of information in some top secret report. But here it is, completely free. Steal it all when your CIO demands your white paper on Trends for Next Year, or to impress your friends at your local #LastThursdayCMS. So, without further ado, I guess you McBoof’s Predictions For Content Management In 2011.

Going up to get down

Change is in the air. I’d love to tell you all about it, but I’m afraid I’m under NDA. So, instead, I present in full, for the first time ever on the interwebz, a short story written by my colleague, the great @sallyfoote. Follow her on Twitter, and convince her to start her own goddamn blog so I don’t have to pimp her stories for her. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and the story in no way reflects any personals circumstances.