July 2020
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A Fine Day For Adobe

Finally, finally, an acquisition I think I understand. Adobe have just announced they’re buying Day Software (press release) for about USD $240 million – just slightly less than OTEX paid for Vignette. Adobe’s re-entry into the CMS game is well overdue.

The Cloud – Not A Crock of Shit

It was just over a year ago when a younger, more naive Jon declared the The Cloud is a Crock of Shit. Well, I’m a little wiser now and I’m overjoyed to report that, in fact, it isn’t. Cloud Computing is very real, and something you need to know about.

Ostriches, Cheapskates, Charlatans, Old Dogs and Hippies

Paywalls are in the air. The Times have just launched their new site, and more will follow. No-one is quite sure how many people are going to cough up their cash for the content – we’ll just have to wait and see. For today, let’s just try to put the people that won’t pay into neat little boxes.

Global CMS Geekery

Good news. CMS Geeks are getting tanked up all over the world, and it’s spreading. If you live in/travel to one of these areas, join your groups and tell your friends. A few cities with a visible CMS presence haven’t joined in yet. I’m talking to you Stockholm and Copenhagen. And Western Europe could use a couple. Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and India need to represent too.

GoDaddy, GoDaddy, you bastards, I’m through

I’ve been on GoDaddy a long time, and got pretty annoyed by the speed and reliability of the service. And now they’ve been hacked too. I’m angry.

E is for Enterprise

Here we go again. Peter (@pmonks) and Laurence (@piewords) are at it again. The current enormously important discussion topic is whether the ‘E’ makes any sense in the term ECM. Well, it doesn’t.

Superspliced Open Text Logo Updated

Open Text’s recent acquisition of NStein means it is time to update the super-spliced Open Text logo that first made it’s appearance in the article When CMS Genes Won’t Splice, inspired by the aquisition of Vignette. So here it is in all of it’s glory, with a nice Red N added.

CMS Vendor Navel Gazing

Is it possible to take five crucial CMS features and rate them in order of importance. It should be. But will anyone play?

McBoof’s New Job

Okay, this is getting stupid now. In order to end the horseshit on #mcboofsnewjob (thanks @pmonks) and the worst poll ever (thanks @jameshoskins), here is the official statement.

Goodbye LBi, Hello Mayhem

A change is as good as a holiday, they say. Well, after ten brilliant years at the company now known as LBi, it’s time for a change. I wasn’t looking for anything, but an opportunity came along that, had I turned it down, I’d probably regret forever.