March 2023
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CMS Vendor Navel Gazing

Is it possible to take five crucial CMS features and rate them in order of importance. It should be. But will anyone play?

McBoof’s New Job

Okay, this is getting stupid now. In order to end the horseshit on #mcboofsnewjob (thanks @pmonks) and the worst poll ever (thanks @jameshoskins), here is the official statement.

Goodbye LBi, Hello Mayhem

A change is as good as a holiday, they say. Well, after ten brilliant years at the company now known as LBi, it’s time for a change. I wasn’t looking for anything, but an opportunity came along that, had I turned it down, I’d probably regret forever.

#cmshaiku 2010 Results

Time up. The votes have been tallied, checked and verified by our independent auditors. Let’s announce all of our winners.

#cmshaiku 2010 Beer Contest

It’s the biggest competition to hit the web in a long time – The 2010 CMS Haiku Beer Contest. We created the fourth worst poetry in history, caused the CEO of Sun to resign, and inspired a prize for the Gilbane Conference in San Francisco.

Why the iPad Makes Murdoch Right

My thoughts on the iPad, why it will be good for the publishing industry, and why people will pay for content on it.

An Incomplete Directory of Open Standards

During the panel discussion at the recent British Computer Society Open Source event, there was discussion (and confusion) about Open Source versus Open Standards. I was asked “So, can you give us some examples of Open Standards”. I rattled off a few, but I thought I’d add a few more here.

BCS Open Source Presentation

As I write this, we’re kicking of the BCS Event – Public Funds in the UK: Open Source for Document and Content Management? I’ll write more about the event afterwards, but I thought I’d share my presentation.

I did this using Prezi, which I really enjoyed. First time I’ve used it – apologies if it makes you feel sick. And it probably doesn’t make any sense without me talking over it. Probably doesn’t make sense then either, but anyway.

Don’t Look Back – Zeitgeist 2009

Baaaah. I said I wouldn’t write this post, and a few people advised me not to. But, dear readers, some of you begged for it. More importantly, I’m doing it for me as a record. So if you don’t like these Blog Year In Review posts, stop reading now. Bye bye, and Happy New Year.

Six Seminal Concerts, or What I’ve Learned About Blogging

Being a blogging newbie, I learnt a shitload this year which, it transpires, was well understood by the Social Media gurus I’ve loved for years. So, ladies and gentlemen, I bring you their wisdom from 1965 – 1970, the years I should have lived in. I’ll take my lessons from Lennon, Dylan, Hendrix, Page, Jagger or Morrison over social media whore @GuyKawasaki or ego-blogger @Scobleizer any day of the week.