April 2024
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Brave Vendors, Cruel Judges and Me

I promised I’d scribble something about the Web Idol Competition at JBoye 09. The competition involved 6 vendors each presenting a fast paced 7 minute demo to the crowds, mimicking something like Pop Idol. The judging is done by an “expert” panel of 3 judges who offer inane commentary. The audience vote holds all the power over the final outcome. I was lucky enough to be asked to be one of the three judges on the panel.

A FatWire In Shining Armour

An interesting play by FatWire. Our knights in shining armour have heard the shrill cries of distress from the damsels stuck at the top of Tower Vignette and Tower Interwoven and have gallantly offered to migrate them away to the safety of Castle FatWire for free. The name of the package (FatWire Rescue Program) implies the damsels are in serious trouble. Maybe this is a marketing stunt, maybe it is a genuine way for customers to save time and money.

Why Content Migration Is Like Changing A Nappy

It’s something I’ve been thinking about a fair bit these days, normally in the middle of the night. I’ve been burned a couple of times recently by extremely unpleasant content migrations, and extremely unpleasant nappy changes. Here are ten similarities. For those on the other side of the pond, a nappy is a diaper.