June 2024
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E is for Enterprise

Here we go again. Peter (@pmonks) and Laurence (@piewords) are at it again. The current enormously important discussion topic is whether the ‘E’ makes any sense in the term ECM. Well, it doesn’t.

Visions of Jon: WCM is for Losers

The mystics at CMS Watch have been throwing the bones again and have released their 2010 Technology Predictions, including “Enterprise Content Management and Document Management will go their separate ways”. Pie responded with “Enterprise Content Management and WCM will go their separate ways.” But I’ve got my own thoughts.

Spot The Difference – The 2010 CMS Watch Vendor Map

As everyone knows, I think the CMS Watch Content Techonology Vendor Map is awesome. They’ve just released the 2010 version. The main differences between this and the 2009 version are highlighted.

Will Vignette Give Open Text Food Poisoning?

It’s been a few days since the announcement that Open Text will absorb Vignette. Most of the larger analysts have thrown their opinions on the deal into the ring, and some patterns are emerging. I’ve even got some of my own thoughts too. And they’re not all good.

CMIS – Is XPath Just A Bit Too Tricksy?

The Content Management Interoperability Services is gaining in popularity. This posts gives a quick overview of CMIS, the underlying virtual relational database model, and asks a few questions about why SQL was chosen over XPath.

When CMS Memes Attack!

In response to the CMS Vendor Meme, Vignette posted a second meme which appears to have backfired. Luis Sala has posted a rather biting response to this, and I’d like to comment on some of his observations.

ECM Maturity Model In A Nutshell

The ECM Maturity Model (EMC3) was recently released. The aim of the model is to provide a structured framework that allows an enterprise to measure their level of capability in various ECM areas. I performed a test of this model, and share my thoughts.

Top 10 Tech April Fool’s Gags

A lot of hilarious April Fool’s posts today. My favourite come from The Pirate Bay, Google, CMS Watch, Opera, Joomla, Amazon, SlideShare, Microsoft, the Guardian and FaceBook.

Clash of the CMS Titans

Vignette have posted a new set of questions, which they’ve called the “Enterprise Web Content Management (WCM)” Meme. This takes the CMS Vendor Meme to the next level. Will there be blood?