July 2009
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Follow Forty Twitter CMS Gurus In Three Clicks

If you are into Content Management, here is a list of people you should follow on Twitter. And an easy way to follow them all in a few clicks.

My Second 50 Days of WordPress – Part II

I’ve now been live for about 100 days. This post talks about a few new plugins, further validation, authoring, SEO and traffic driving.

Brain Teasers For The Pub

I like puzzles. And I really like puzzles you can do in a pub over a few beers. So I figured I’d dredge up a list I put together about 13 years ago and publish them here. If you get the trick, you should be able to figure them all out in a few minutes without pen and paper.

Meaningless Quiz Results

As promised, here are the completely meaningless results from the “Which Content Management System are you?” quiz.

Silly, Silly, Silly Clickability

Someone at Clickability has had a really bad idea. Firstly, they decided it was a clever to launch a smear campaign against one of their competitors. Secondly, they made the mistake of misquoting a few sources while doing it. The negative tactics and bad journalism were enough to annoy many people, so Irina just kicked them in the nuts. And I’ve got thoughts on the content too.