March 2009
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Goodbye, Hello Freedom

We’ve moved. After a few beers I thought hosted was the way forward. Picked the theme that I disliked least from the 17 or so available, and sprouted my first post. Worst mistake I ever made, and I wasted $45 too.

Top 10 Top 10 Tech Lists of the Month

It seems Top 10 lists are all the rage these days, so before the month ends, I figured I’d jump onto the bandwagon and present my Top 10 Tech Lists of the Month. Includes lists about techie salaries, coding, Twitter, Domain Name Sales, WordPress and Search

Saving the Planet and Winning Awards

LBi has won Best B2B campaign at the prestigious Revolution Awards for Generation Green and the eco rangers game. Judges who comprised of senior staff from agency and client side said that the campaign was a “clever initiative to get schools and children engaged with British Gas in a subtle way while educating them on environmental issues in a fun, interactive and playful manner”.

Celebrity CMS Deathmatch – The Aftermath

The CMS Vendor Meme has now had 24 responses, including some of the large ECM players. The results are tabulated here with commentary, and make very interesting reading.

When CMS Licensing Shafts Architecture

It would be ideal if the vendors’ licensing models allowed us to harmoniously achieve all the goals of our systems architecture. The sad reality, however, is that the licensing model sometimes means that we have to sabotage our architectures in order to save a fortune on licensing.

The CMS Word on the Tweet

There are two worlds out there, in which the term CMS means something different. Most of the world, and my world. To most of the world, it seems to mean blog platforms, Drupal and Joomla! My “web generation” is extremely uncomfortable even calling WordPress a Content Management System.

Celebrity CMS Deathmatch – The Meme Spreads

A post from Kas Thomas at CMS Watch has inspired Day to start an intriguing CMS fight. This is Part II of the story, which covers the entry of another 15 vendors. It’s all happening.

Lock Up Your Daughters. IE8 Is Out There

Well, the dawn of IE8 is upon us. To be honest, I’ve got no idea just how bad it is going to be, but a Twitter search for “IE8 broken” is starting to return results. We have done some testing against our sites on the beta versions, and maybe things won’t be too catastrophic.

Dog Food, CMS Accessibility and a Nice Surprise

Now that we know most vendors use their own product for their site, we test the home pages for many major vendors. We need to ask why so few of them have markup that validates and discuss possible reasons.

Total Eclipse of the SUN?

So, there is talk now that IBM is looking to aquire SUN. Just a few days ago I was talking about all the M&A activity, but this one, if it happens, is going to be the Daddy