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Index of Songs

All of the posts on this blog start with a quote from a Bob Dylan song. You can find full lyrics at Bob Dylan Lyrics.

ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER Celebrity CMS Deathmatch – The Beginning CMS Vendor Meme Commentary – Part I
ALL I REALLY WANT TO DO Celebrity CMS Deathmatch – The Meme Spreads CMS Vendor Meme Commentary – Part II
ALL THE TIRED HORSES Warning: Acquisitions May Cause Dizziness, Vomiting, Nausea and Diarrhea Horror story about OTEX and AUTY
ARTHUR MCBRIDE When CMS Memes Attack! Thoughts on Alfresco attack on Vignette
BALLAD IN PLAIN D Goodbye WordPress.com, Hello Freedom Story of migration from WordPress.com to .org
THE BALLAD OF FRANKIE LEE AND JUDAS PRIEST Which Comes First: the Crew or the CMS? Thoughts on corruption in vendor selection exercises
BALLAD OF A THIN MAN #songsincode – The Geekiest Hashtag in History WTF! #songsincode is trending
BILLIE Drupal, Lawsuits and a Peruvian Prostitute Bullshit Linkbait
BLACK CROW BLUES Top 10 Tech April Fool’s Gags My favourite from April Fool’s 2009
BLACKJACK DAVEY Saving the Planet and Winning Awards Generation Green wins the Revolution B2B Award 2009
BOB DYLAN’S 115TH DREAM What has the Ministry of Magic Quadrants got against me? Gartner’s new WCM Magic Quadrant
BOOTS OF SPANISH LEATHER A Fine Day For Adobe On the Adobe/Day deal.
CHIMES OF FREEDOM The Cloud – Not A Crock of Shit One year on. Older and wiser.
CRY A WHILE Silly, Silly, Silly Clickability We don’t like smear campaigns against other vendors.
DEAD MAN, DEAD MAN Web in a Box, or Mix and Match? Why is everyone building monoliths?
DEAR LANDLORD Clash of the CMS Titans Vignette attempt to start a new CMS Vendor Meme
DESOLATION ROW Five Things I’m Probably Wrong About I’m an old school control freak
FAREWELL ANGELINA Back with a Bang Time for a blogging resurgance, and a new job
FROGGIE WENT A COURTIN’ Portals That Walk And Talk Like Ducks Damn, I hate it when people use Portals to build an Anti-Portal
EVERYTHING IS BROKEN Lock Up Your Daughters. IE8 Is Out There Internet Explorer 8 is launched
GOIN’ TO ACAPULCO CMS Celebrity Deathmatch: The Developers Speak A developers calls bullshit on some vendor meme answers
HAD A DREAM ABOUT YOU, BABY It Can All Change In A ChartBeat Review of chartbeat analytics
A HARD RAIN’S A-GONNA FALL My First Embedded Google Wave Embedding a Google Wave
HARD TIMES IN NEW YORK TOWN McBoof’s New Job I’m off to News Corp
HEARTLAND I Have a Dream of the CMS Future The Future of CMS by MLK
HIGHWAY 61 REVISITED When CMS Genes Won’t Splice Options for Open Text CMS Roadmap
HONEST WITH ME How to Keep a CMS Vendor on their Toes CMS Vendor Interview Questions
HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN Total Eclipse of the SUN? Rumours on IBM about to aquire SUN
I AND I #cmshaiku 2010 Beer Contest Voting for #cmshaiku
IDIOT WIND Celebrity CMS Deathmatch – The Aftermath CMS Vendor Meme Commentary – Part III
IF YOU GOTTA GO, GO NOW A Quiz, Some Beers and a Celebrity Visit My CMS Quiz, and some geek events in London
I’LL KEEP IT WITH MINE A Date With Autonomy/Interwoven First chats with Autonomy/Interwoven since the merger, and a lovely architecture diagram
I SHALL BE FREE NO. 10 Umbraco, Beer and Frenemies We host UK Umbraco Day 2009
I SHALL BE RELEASED Let’s #fixwcm Before The Wheels Come Off Drumming up support for my JBoye 09 presentation
IF DOGS RUN FREE Epic Fail Epics Submissions open for new poetry book
IN SEARCH OF LITTLE SADIE Drifting Yellow Dots – Gartner CMS MQ 2010 Thoughts on 2010 Magic Quadrant
ISIS EPiServer Day 2009 – Stockholm Summary of my visit to the EPiServer Partner Day
IT’S ALL OVER NOW, BABY BLUE CMIS, JCR and OSGi for Idiots A diagram outlining JCR, CMIS and OSGi
IT’S ALRIGHT, MA (I’M ONLY BLEEDING) Twigger Happy Self Promotion When is too much tweeting actually just douchebaggery?
JOKERMAN Lost in Aquisition Round up and thoughts of the many M&A’s in the CMS world
JUST LIKE TOM THUMB’S BLUES Broken Bones, Good Deals and My Daddy I try to get all Seth Godin
KNOCKIN’ ON HEAVEN’S DOOR The Cloud – A Crock of Shit My thoughts on the non-existent cloud, the hype, and the standards
LAST THOUGHTS ON WOODY GUTHRIE CMS Vendor Navel Gazing Prioritising CMS Features
LIKE A ROLLING STONE Six Seminal Concerts, or What I’ve Learned About Blogging Social Media lessons from rock concerts
LOVE MINUS ZERO/NO LIMIT My JBoye09 Fix WCM Presentation Slides from my JBoye Aarhus 09 presentation
LET’S KEEP IT BETWEEN US SITATM, or Milking The Client How to tell when when system integrators are taking all the money
LICENSE TO KILL When CMS Licensing Shafts Architecture A rant about licensing models compromising technical architectures
MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE Selling Out Friends on Empire Avenue First thoughts on Empire Avenue
MAN OF CONSTANT SORROW An Incomplete Directory of Open Standards A list of Open Standards that matter to me
MASTERS OF WAR My Midlife Crisis Catalyst Civilization on iPhone rocks
MAYBE SOMEDAY Global CMS Geekery State of the Last Thursday groups in May 2010
MIXED UP CONFUSION Will Vignette Give Open Text Food Poisoning? More thoughts on the world-shaking OTEX-VIGN acquisition
MOONSHINER Vendors, Stress Balls and Beers Day 1 of Internet World ’09, and drinks with CMS celebs
MOST OF THE TIME BCS Open Source Presentation Presentation I gave (with Prezi) at the event
MOTORPSYCHO NIGHTMARE CMS Drug Dealers at Internet World Are the CMS Salesman worse than Drug Dealers? Maybe, maybe.
MR. TAMBOURINE MAN Goodbye LBi, Hello Mayhem Thanks to the folks at LBi for a great ten years
MY BACK PAGES Newsstand in a Nutshell Newsstand for iOS 5 has been announced
NORTH COUNTRY BLUES Don’t Make Monoliths A little story about Asterix and the Monoliths
NOT DARK YET Crunch Time for RIM Things aren’t looking good for Research In Motion
OH, SISTER OMG! Open Text buy Grandpa Vignette First impressions on the unexpected Open Text acquisition of Vignette
ON A NIGHT LIKE THIS Why Content Migration Is Like Changing A Nappy 10 similarities between content migration and nappy changing
ON THE ROAD AGAIN GoDaddy, GoDaddy, you bastards, I’m through Venting after GoDaddy (thus me) got hacked.
OUTLAW BLUES Mostly Sane: Econsultancy CMS Survey Report Great report, interesting insights. Happy World.
PATHS OF VICTORY #cmshaiku 2010 Results Announcing the winners of the #cmshaiku competition
PLAYBOYS AND PLAYGIRLS The CMS Word on the Tweet Thoughts on how the term CMS means different things to different people
PLEDGING MY TIME Reflections on EPiServer London Day EPiServer 6 and Marketing Arena enter the fray
POSITIVELY 4TH STREET Microsoft vs Adobe, Ryder Cup Style The product suites take each other on
QUEEN JANE APPROXIMATELY McBoof’s Predictions For Content Management In 2011 2011 – all pretty obvious
RAGGED & DIRTY My First 50 Days of WordPress – Part I The tools and tech that I used for the on site building of this blog
RING THEM BELLS Top 10 Top 10 Tech Lists of the Month A rag-bag of technical items of interested
SAD-EYED LADY OF THE LOWLANDS Google’s Moat and Castle Summary of everything Google is doing as of April 2011
SARA CMIS – Is XPath Just A Bit Too Tricksy? First thoughts on CMIS, and why they chose SQL over XPath
SAVED A FatWire In Shining Armour What’s the FatWire Rescue Program all about?
SEVEN CURSES Brave Vendors, Cruel Judges and Me On being a judge at JBoye 09 Web Idol
SEVEN DAYS The Perils of Procurement Don’t let your procurement shaft you
SHE BELONGS TO ME Don’t Look Back – Zeitgeist 2009 Summary of my blog in 2009
SHE’S YOUR LOVER NOW Painting the Analytics World Blue Thoughts on IBM, Unica and CoreMetrics
SHELTER FROM THE STORM Shooting down paywalls Do publishing paywalls need to be secure?
SILENT WEEKEND Brain Teasers For The Pub Ten brain teasers to think about over a beer
SOMETHING’S BURNING, BABY Dog Food, CMS Accessibility and a Nice Surprise In which I run some tests against CMS vendor home pages
SONG TO WOODY Spot The Difference – The 2010 CMS Watch Vendor Map Thoughts on the CMS Watch 2010 Map
SPANISH HARLEM INCIDENT Ten Things About Me In which I respond to Kas Thomas’ challenge and talk about me. Me. All me.
STUCK INSIDE OF MOBILE WITH THE MEMPHIS BLUES AGAIN CMS Watch Subway Vendor Map 2009 Questions about the newly released vendor roadmap
SUBTERRANEAN HOMESICK BLUES Saving Bob Dylan, or How Not To Do User Research Results of my Survey Monkey user research
SUGAR BABY Going up to get down Guest post by @sallyfoote
SWEETHEART LIKE YOU Ostriches, Cheapskates, Charlatans, Old Dogs and Hippies People that wouldn’t pay for news
TALKING NEW YORK BLUES On the Origin of the CMS Career How I got into CMS
TALKIN’ WORLD WAR III BLUES Oh CMS, Deliver Me A bit of a rant about delivery capabilties of a CMS
TANGLED UP IN BLUE Full Service Digital Agencies For Dummies Introducing Full Service Digital Agencies
‘TIL I FELL IN LOVE WITH YOU My Second 50 Days of WordPress – Part II New plugins, further validation, authoring, SEO and traffic driving
THE TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN’ ECM Maturity Model In A Nutshell Initial comments on the ECMMM model
TOMBSTONE BLUES A Collaborative Google Wave Blog Post The Motley Crew writes a post in one hour with Wave
TOMORROW IS A LONG TIME I’ve Learned Stuff In The Past Two Hours I discovered RockMelt, instalyrics and paper.li
TRUST YOURSELF Meaningless Quiz Results The results of the CMS Quiz are in
UP TO ME E is for Enterprise Is ECM any different to CM?
VISIONS OF JOHANNA Visions of Jon: WCM is for Losers Why I wish the term WCM didn’t exist
WHAT WAS IT YOU WANTED? Why the iPad Makes Murdoch Right The iPad is great news for publishers
WHEN I PAINT MY MASTERPIECE Superspliced Open Text Logo Updated Added Nstein to the Open Text logo mashup
WHEN THE SHIP COMES IN Follow Forty Twitter CMS Gurus In Three Clicks Bulk Follow CMS List
THE WICKED MESSENGER The Day of The Daily News Corp launches The Daily