July 2024
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Selling Out Friends on Empire Avenue

In order to understand the social media douchebaggery that happens on our interwebs, you need to hold your nose and dive in some times. I try most things, but get bored of them pretty quickly. So I figured I had to try Empire Avenue (EAv), the stock trading game in which the stocks are people, and the bigger the douchebag the higher the value. Fortunately you don’t need to piss off (invite) your friends to get started.

Google’s Moat and Castle

In a fit of madness, I tried to draw a summary of everything Google is involved in, and all of their main competitors. Utter madness I tell you.

Six Seminal Concerts, or What I’ve Learned About Blogging

Being a blogging newbie, I learnt a shitload this year which, it transpires, was well understood by the Social Media gurus I’ve loved for years. So, ladies and gentlemen, I bring you their wisdom from 1965 – 1970, the years I should have lived in. I’ll take my lessons from Lennon, Dylan, Hendrix, Page, Jagger or Morrison over social media whore @GuyKawasaki or ego-blogger @Scobleizer any day of the week.

Saving Bob Dylan, or How Not To Do User Research

You’re not going to believe this. I’ve been getting some criticism. “Your posts are too long”, some people cried. “Lose the Twitterfeed”, shouted someone else. “Your Southpark Avatar is so 15 year old” claimed an anonymous coward. Hey man, I made that avatar myself. That hurts. But seeing as I work for an agency that prides itself on its insight and user research, I decided it was time to do some user research of my own.

#songsincode – The Geekiest Hashtag in History

It’s official. The geeks pwn Twitter. Just when one started to think the normal people were taking over, #songsincode enters the fray. Now this is without doubt the geekiest hashtag to trend. Yes, you heard me. #songsincode is trending.

Umbraco, Beer and Frenemies

Last week, LBi hosted the Umbraco 2009 UK meetup. This was mainly due to the enthuasism of the organiser, Darren Ferguson, and the power of Twitter. Niels, the founder, joined us from Norway.

Follow Forty Twitter CMS Gurus In Three Clicks

If you are into Content Management, here is a list of people you should follow on Twitter. And an easy way to follow them all in a few clicks.

My Second 50 Days of WordPress – Part II

I’ve now been live for about 100 days. This post talks about a few new plugins, further validation, authoring, SEO and traffic driving.

Twigger Happy Self Promotion

Twitter is a good traffic source for clowns like me that have just started a blog. How many times is one meant to announce the arrival of their latest and greatest blog post on Twitter before they look like a knob head?

Top 10 Tech April Fool’s Gags

A lot of hilarious April Fool’s posts today. My favourite come from The Pirate Bay, Google, CMS Watch, Opera, Joomla, Amazon, SlideShare, Microsoft, the Guardian and FaceBook.