June 2024
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Five Things I’m Probably Wrong About

When people tell me that I’m drunk these days, I normally am. But there are some other things people keep telling me that I don’t agree with, so they’re probably right. They’re all related to the fact that I’m an old school control freak dog that probably can’t learn new tricks.

Visions of Jon: WCM is for Losers

The mystics at CMS Watch have been throwing the bones again and have released their 2010 Technology Predictions, including “Enterprise Content Management and Document Management will go their separate ways”. Pie responded with “Enterprise Content Management and WCM will go their separate ways.” But I’ve got my own thoughts.

Let’s #fixwcm Before The Wheels Come Off

How many WCM implementations leave customers grinning from ear to ear? The statistics make sad reading. But if so many projects don’t meet expectations, who is to blame? Is it the vendor, either because of a crappy product or dodgy practice? Or the implementer that eats your budget while making a beautiful product smell real bad? Or are the customers naive, unrealistic or worse?

Web in a Box, or Mix and Match?

CMS RFPs seem to want everything these days. But should you buy a single one-stop-shop product that does everything, or assemble together a set of best-of-breed products?

Oh CMS, Deliver Me

In which I rant about what I want from the Delivery Capabilities of a CMS, plus an attempt to answer a question I promised I’d answer.