April 2024
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Selling Out Friends on Empire Avenue

In order to understand the social media douchebaggery that happens on our interwebs, you need to hold your nose and dive in some times. I try most things, but get bored of them pretty quickly. So I figured I had to try Empire Avenue (EAv), the stock trading game in which the stocks are people, and the bigger the douchebag the higher the value. Fortunately you don’t need to piss off (invite) your friends to get started.

Back with a Bang

My blog hasn’t had enough attention recently. You see, I was involved in some top secret shiftyness and I signed a lot of pieces of paper which meant I couldn’t really talk about a lot of interesting things. But I’m free from that now.

My Midlife Crisis Catalyst

A friend of mine just reintroduced me to my favourite game of all time. A curse on all of his houses. Civilization Revolution is out on iOS and, the bad news is, it is as good and addictive as ever. I don’t play games any more, trying to balance my time between my kids, my job, my blog and the odd bit of sleep. That’s all about to go to hell.

GoDaddy, GoDaddy, you bastards, I’m through

I’ve been on GoDaddy a long time, and got pretty annoyed by the speed and reliability of the service. And now they’ve been hacked too. I’m angry.

McBoof’s New Job

Okay, this is getting stupid now. In order to end the horseshit on #mcboofsnewjob (thanks @pmonks) and the worst poll ever (thanks @jameshoskins), here is the official statement.

BCS Open Source Presentation

As I write this, we’re kicking of the BCS Event – Public Funds in the UK: Open Source for Document and Content Management? I’ll write more about the event afterwards, but I thought I’d share my presentation.

I did this using Prezi, which I really enjoyed. First time I’ve used it – apologies if it makes you feel sick. And it probably doesn’t make any sense without me talking over it. Probably doesn’t make sense then either, but anyway.

Don’t Look Back – Zeitgeist 2009

Baaaah. I said I wouldn’t write this post, and a few people advised me not to. But, dear readers, some of you begged for it. More importantly, I’m doing it for me as a record. So if you don’t like these Blog Year In Review posts, stop reading now. Bye bye, and Happy New Year.

Six Seminal Concerts, or What I’ve Learned About Blogging

Being a blogging newbie, I learnt a shitload this year which, it transpires, was well understood by the Social Media gurus I’ve loved for years. So, ladies and gentlemen, I bring you their wisdom from 1965 – 1970, the years I should have lived in. I’ll take my lessons from Lennon, Dylan, Hendrix, Page, Jagger or Morrison over social media whore @GuyKawasaki or ego-blogger @Scobleizer any day of the week.

Let’s #fixwcm Before The Wheels Come Off

How many WCM implementations leave customers grinning from ear to ear? The statistics make sad reading. But if so many projects don’t meet expectations, who is to blame? Is it the vendor, either because of a crappy product or dodgy practice? Or the implementer that eats your budget while making a beautiful product smell real bad? Or are the customers naive, unrealistic or worse?

A Collaborative Google Wave Blog Post

It’s almost 17:00 on a Friday afternoon, and I’ve just spent the last hour trying to write a blog post on Google Wave with The Motley Crew. Rather than say any more, read the post we made. I’ve embedded the wave below for those that have a Wave account, and the full blog text is at the bottom.