March 2024
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An Incomplete Directory of Open Standards

During the panel discussion at the recent British Computer Society Open Source event, there was discussion (and confusion) about Open Source versus Open Standards. I was asked “So, can you give us some examples of Open Standards”. I rattled off a few, but I thought I’d add a few more here.

CMIS, JCR and OSGi for Idiots

I had the chance to drink beer and talk shit with the great David Nüscheler, which inspired me to draw a picture all about JCR, CMIS and OSGi.

The Cloud – A Crock of Shit

Oracle have bought SUN and some people are wondering if it was a Cloud-Play. They cite Larry’s well-reported outburst against the cloud. Well, Larry, you’ve got a friend in me. The Cloud is a Crock of Shit.

CMIS – Is XPath Just A Bit Too Tricksy?

The Content Management Interoperability Services is gaining in popularity. This posts gives a quick overview of CMIS, the underlying virtual relational database model, and asks a few questions about why SQL was chosen over XPath.

When CMS Memes Attack!

In response to the CMS Vendor Meme, Vignette posted a second meme which appears to have backfired. Luis Sala has posted a rather biting response to this, and I’d like to comment on some of his observations.