April 2009
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Vendors, Stress Balls and Beers

Today was Day 1 at Internet World 2009 a.k.a. #iwexpo for the Twitterrati. I chatted to lots of vendors, performed a vendor selection exercise, and drank a fair bit of sweet sweet beer.

SITATM, or Milking The Client

Janus Boye just posted blog about SITATM: When system integrators take all the money. I try to give the Systems Integrator View. Now why would an SI tell a client not to give us money. Ho hum.

The Cloud – A Crock of Shit

Oracle have bought SUN and some people are wondering if it was a Cloud-Play. They cite Larry’s well-reported outburst against the cloud. Well, Larry, you’ve got a friend in me. The Cloud is a Crock of Shit.

Portals That Walk And Talk Like Ducks

Everyone knows I’ve got a thing against all Portal software when it is used for what I consider the wrong kind of site. This is just another example, but caught me after a bad day at the office.

Oh CMS, Deliver Me

In which I rant about what I want from the Delivery Capabilities of a CMS, plus an attempt to answer a question I promised I’d answer.

Ten Things About Me

Kas Thomas tagged me in his “10 Things About Me” meme (Me! Me!). So this content free post has just that. Nothing at all about CMS or Tech. Move along, folks, nothing to see here.

Which Comes First: the Crew or the CMS?

Vendor Selection Exercises are part of most large projects. Is it ethical to let the agency or integrator doing the site build run the vendor selection exercise? Or should you pick a product before picking a partner?

CMIS – Is XPath Just A Bit Too Tricksy?

The Content Management Interoperability Services is gaining in popularity. This posts gives a quick overview of CMIS, the underlying virtual relational database model, and asks a few questions about why SQL was chosen over XPath.

A Date With Autonomy/Interwoven

Met with Autonomy/Interwoven yesterday. The ink on the contract finalising the merger is hardly dry, yet I am proud to present the first architecture diagram of the new, integrated product suite.

When CMS Memes Attack!

In response to the CMS Vendor Meme, Vignette posted a second meme which appears to have backfired. Luis Sala has posted a rather biting response to this, and I’d like to comment on some of his observations.