November 2009
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CMIS, JCR and OSGi for Idiots

I had the chance to drink beer and talk shit with the great David Nüscheler, which inspired me to draw a picture all about JCR, CMIS and OSGi.

Brave Vendors, Cruel Judges and Me

I promised I’d scribble something about the Web Idol Competition at JBoye 09. The competition involved 6 vendors each presenting a fast paced 7 minute demo to the crowds, mimicking something like Pop Idol. The judging is done by an “expert” panel of 3 judges who offer inane commentary. The audience vote holds all the power over the final outcome. I was lucky enough to be asked to be one of the three judges on the panel.

Don’t Make Monoliths

This was the main point of my JBoye Presentation. A few people have asked me what I mean by this. So I figured I’d write a little story instead about the technical, project management and procurement monoliths that have been giving me a headache recently.

My JBoye09 Fix WCM Presentation

Just finished my “Inconvenient truths and unsolved industry challenges” session at JBoye09, with Janus Boye and Jarrod Gingras of CMS Watch. You can download the slide deck as a 2MB PDF here

Let’s #fixwcm Before The Wheels Come Off

How many WCM implementations leave customers grinning from ear to ear? The statistics make sad reading. But if so many projects don’t meet expectations, who is to blame? Is it the vendor, either because of a crappy product or dodgy practice? Or the implementer that eats your budget while making a beautiful product smell real bad? Or are the customers naive, unrealistic or worse?