June 2024
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When CMS Genes Won’t Splice

People are talking about Open Text’s CMS roadmap again. There were some interesting statements made in the latest Earnings Call, the most notable of which implied a migration from RedDot to Vignette.

Will Vignette Give Open Text Food Poisoning?

It’s been a few days since the announcement that Open Text will absorb Vignette. Most of the larger analysts have thrown their opinions on the deal into the ring, and some patterns are emerging. I’ve even got some of my own thoughts too. And they’re not all good.

OMG! Open Text buy Grandpa Vignette

I gotta admit, this one took me by surprise. Open Text has just announced that they are aquiring Vignette. There is more to come, but here are my initial thoughts.

Portals That Walk And Talk Like Ducks

Everyone knows I’ve got a thing against all Portal software when it is used for what I consider the wrong kind of site. This is just another example, but caught me after a bad day at the office.

When CMS Memes Attack!

In response to the CMS Vendor Meme, Vignette posted a second meme which appears to have backfired. Luis Sala has posted a rather biting response to this, and I’d like to comment on some of his observations.