June 2009
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A Quiz, Some Beers and a Celebrity Visit

A light hearted post. I created a CMS quiz on QuizTweet which turned out far more popular than expected, so some information on that. Plus a plug for CMS geek events in London.

A FatWire In Shining Armour

An interesting play by FatWire. Our knights in shining armour have heard the shrill cries of distress from the damsels stuck at the top of Tower Vignette and Tower Interwoven and have gallantly offered to migrate them away to the safety of Castle FatWire for free. The name of the package (FatWire Rescue Program) implies the damsels are in serious trouble. Maybe this is a marketing stunt, maybe it is a genuine way for customers to save time and money.

Twigger Happy Self Promotion

Twitter is a good traffic source for clowns like me that have just started a blog. How many times is one meant to announce the arrival of their latest and greatest blog post on Twitter before they look like a knob head?

Mostly Sane: Econsultancy CMS Survey Report

Just read the Econsultancy CMS Survey Report 2009. It is an good survey, and the results make interesting reading. There were over 800 respondents, with just over half representing customers, with most of others being CMS Vendors or implementers. The customers and vendors only really had different opinions on three questions. And I have some interesting observations. At least, interesting to me.