May 2024
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Google’s Moat and Castle

In a fit of madness, I tried to draw a summary of everything Google is involved in, and all of their main competitors. Utter madness I tell you.

Crunch Time for RIM

Poor RIM took a beating this evening after announcing their quarterly financials. It all seems rather up and down. Probably more down. Here is my summary of their 2011 so far.

It Can All Change In A ChartBeat

It’s pretty addictive watching your blog stats, isn’t it? Remember when Google Analytics came to town and instead of waiting days to see traffic reports, you could see updates in mere hours. On a good day, you could sometimes see things in 15 minutes. Well, GA, there is a new new kid on the block, he shows you data in real time, and his name is chartbeat.

Painting the Analytics World Blue

We’ve got some more BlueWashing going on. IBM announced today that they’re acquired analytics and marketing vendor Unica for $480 million. It seems like a lot of cash to me, but then again IBM have got plenty and what do I know. I do know it follows quite shortly after they bought pure analytics vendor CoreMetrics.

Don’t Look Back – Zeitgeist 2009

Baaaah. I said I wouldn’t write this post, and a few people advised me not to. But, dear readers, some of you begged for it. More importantly, I’m doing it for me as a record. So if you don’t like these Blog Year In Review posts, stop reading now. Bye bye, and Happy New Year.

A Collaborative Google Wave Blog Post

It’s almost 17:00 on a Friday afternoon, and I’ve just spent the last hour trying to write a blog post on Google Wave with The Motley Crew. Rather than say any more, read the post we made. I’ve embedded the wave below for those that have a Wave account, and the full blog text is at the bottom.

Reflections on EPiServer London Day

So I managed to get to the EPiServer Customer and Partner Day in London. The main goodies on the roadmap are the new Marketing Arena, and EPiServer 6.

My First Embedded Google Wave

I got my Google Wave sandbox account not so long ago, so figured I’d try an embed.

My Second 50 Days of WordPress – Part II

I’ve now been live for about 100 days. This post talks about a few new plugins, further validation, authoring, SEO and traffic driving.

My First 50 Days of WordPress – Part I

It’s been about 65 days since I started this blog, and about 50 days since I moved from hosted to a self-hosted version. Since gaining my freedom, I’ve learned a lot about blogging, WordPress and various tools of the trade. For some reason, I’ve struggled to find resources that list all of the nice tips and tricks out there. In this post, I’m only going to talk about how it is built – the on-site stuff. In Part II I’ll talk about how the off-site pieces – things like Twitter, Directories and external checking tools.