June 2024
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Google’s Moat and Castle

In a fit of madness, I tried to draw a summary of everything Google is involved in, and all of their main competitors. Utter madness I tell you.

McBoof’s Predictions For Content Management In 2011

Right, sheeple – it’s time to learn something from the Great McBoof. Normally you’d expect to pay somewhere between $5000 and $10000 for this kind of information in some top secret report. But here it is, completely free. Steal it all when your CIO demands your white paper on Trends for Next Year, or to impress your friends at your local #LastThursdayCMS. So, without further ado, I guess you McBoof’s Predictions For Content Management In 2011.

Silly, Silly, Silly Clickability

Someone at Clickability has had a really bad idea. Firstly, they decided it was a clever to launch a smear campaign against one of their competitors. Secondly, they made the mistake of misquoting a few sources while doing it. The negative tactics and bad journalism were enough to annoy many people, so Irina just kicked them in the nuts. And I’ve got thoughts on the content too.

The Cloud – A Crock of Shit

Oracle have bought SUN and some people are wondering if it was a Cloud-Play. They cite Larry’s well-reported outburst against the cloud. Well, Larry, you’ve got a friend in me. The Cloud is a Crock of Shit.