August 2010
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My Midlife Crisis Catalyst

Come you masters of war
You that build all the guns
You that build the death planes
You that build the big bombs

A friend of mine just reintroduced me to my favourite game of all time. A curse on all of his houses. Civilization Revolution is available on iOS and, the bad news is, it is as good and addictive as ever. It’s actually been around for almost a year, but I was blissfully unaware. I don’t play games any more, trying to balance my life between my kids, my job, my drinking, my blog and the odd bit of sleep. That’s all about to go to hell.

I’ve given it a try and it rocks. I feel like I’m 18 again when all I had to do was play Civilization I, go out and get drunk, play some more, drinks some more, write some pretty easy university maths exams, and play even more. But two decades later, I’m told I have “responsibilities”. I’ve got a bad feeling that this week the kids are going to go feral, my wife will leave me, the fridge will fester, and I’ll get fired.

But a man has gotta do what a man has gotta do. The game won’t beat itself on Emperor level, you know. Those asshat Greeks need to be taught a lesson, the shifty Aztecs can’t be trusted, and Ghengis Khan is really, really pissing me off. So until I’ve sorted that out, you won’t be seeing much on this blog. £3.99 is a small price to pay for your life to fall apart. Buy it, you know you want to.

[UPDATE]: The iPhone version went FREE the day after I flushed £3.99 down the bog. Makes my time-stealing, money-stealing friend that ruined my life even more of a ballsack. At least the rest of you can have your midlife crisis for free.

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12 comments to My Midlife Crisis Catalyst

  • The full iPhone version was available as a free download yesterday. Unfortunately the iPad version is still as expensive as ever. Or is that “fortunately”?

    In an ongoing multiplayer game of Civ4 with a friend we’re just coming from a war against Genghis Khan. And only avid civ addicts (and history buffs I guess) will realize that the odds are not as off as it sounds.

  • chase

    Muah ha ha. Those were the days: When lost sleep was not about payment gateway integration and sleep training toddlers, and more about how to take over the world (Civ/Simcity et al).

    I’ve dodged this particular midlife crisis as I’m an android, rather than an apple fanboi.
    I have however installed it on my wife’s iphone… She’s never played it and doesn’t know it’s there yet. I guess it’s a bit like planting nettles in a strawberry patch. In a nice way though :)

    May all your turns leave you facing in the right direction.

  • Peter

    Each month I send an invoice for lost productivity to the guy who told me about Civ Revolutions, but he says he’s been too busy spanking the seppos to open them. :-(

    BTW does anyone else find they have a favourite ruler? Perhaps I’m revealing a little too much about myself, but I really enjoy dressing up playing as Queen Elizabeth.

  • If your gaming cuts down on your beer drinking…let that be the sign that it’s time to retreat.

  • Why thank you, pulling all our followers down with you!

    • Pie, Finnur. All responsibility falls squarely on chase’s shoulders. He started it. You may as well spread it so the entire global economy can grind to a halt for a few weeks.

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  • Hi Jon,

    Same here but with Stacraft II ! :)
    Why, I hadn’t played a PC game in… well, too long !
    Just have to cut back on sleep I guess.

    Good luck !


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