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Meaningless Quiz Results

Trust yourself
And you won’t be disappointed when vain people let you down.
Trust yourself
And look not for answers where no answers can be found.

It seems the “Which Content Management System are you?” quiz entries are slowing down, so I might as well post the results as promised. They mean nothing at all.

I had to get them by running Twitter searches – the quiz site doesn’t give any access to the results. So I can’t show any more detail about who answered what for each question, which might have been fun. Also, this means I can’t see results from people that have protected tweets either, so not all the results are reflected. 676 people have answered it so far, and I have the results for 470 of them. I think Twitter search is missing some Tweets.

I’ve kept the 1 result for GX WebManager and Frontpage, even though they weren’t even options.

So, without further ado, the results are:


2009 Psychometric Jon Bar

SDL Tridion did really well in the 2009 Forrester Wave, but coming top in the 2009 Psychometric Jon Bar must mean so much more to them. I hope to see press releases, and see this chart in their presales PowerPoint Deck in the near future. This is the same PowerPoint deck which, last time I saw it (about 2 hours ago), used the logo below to represent AJAX on their standards page!

I like any CMS with Triple Window Cleaning action

I like any CMS with Triple Window Cleaning action

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