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McBoof’s Predictions For Content Management In 2011

Right, sheeple – it’s time to learn something from the Great McBoof. Normally you’d expect to pay somewhere between $5000 and $10000 for this kind of information in some top secret report. But here it is, completely free. Steal it all when your CIO demands your white paper on Trends for Next Year, or to impress your friends at your local #LastThursdayCMS. So, without further ado, I guess you McBoof’s Predictions For Content Management In 2011.

Going up to get down

Change is in the air. I’d love to tell you all about it, but I’m afraid I’m under NDA. So, instead, I present in full, for the first time ever on the interwebz, a short story written by my colleague, the great @sallyfoote. Follow her on Twitter, and convince her to start her own goddamn blog so I don’t have to pimp her stories for her. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and the story in no way reflects any personals circumstances.

I’ve Learned Stuff In The Past Two Hours

The family is sick in bed and fast asleep, so I got a few rare moments to browser the intarwebs. I discovered RockMelt, instalyrics and how much I hate paper.li

Hiring Tips That HR Wouldn’t Like

I’ve been doing a fair bit of hiring in this year. Turns out that everyone has wildly different ideas about who is a good hire, and who sucks the big one. So here are some top tips to help you get the good apples.

Microsoft vs Adobe, Ryder Cup Style

In light of recent rumours, I figured it would be a good waste of time to take most of Adobe’s products, and line them up, Ryder Cup style, against the closest Microsoft equivalent.

Five Things I’m Probably Wrong About

When people tell me that I’m drunk these days, I normally am. But there are some other things people keep telling me that I don’t agree with, so they’re probably right. They’re all related to the fact that I’m an old school control freak dog that probably can’t learn new tricks.

Broken Bones, Good Deals and My Daddy

Gather round, children. Let me tell you about my Dad. He’s a wonderful, smart man. He taught me to play chess when I was 3. He is also an orthopaedic surgeon, which means he fixes broken bones and things. He worked for many many many years in government hospitals until, about ten years ago, he moved from the operating theatre to the courtrooms, working in the medico-legal world.

Drifting Yellow Dots – Gartner CMS MQ 2010

Lordy, has it been a year already? Sure has. The 2010 Gartner Magic Quadrant for WCM is out. You can get the report here courtesy of our friends at SiteCore. As usual it is worth a read, but here are the juicy bits.

It Can All Change In A ChartBeat

It’s pretty addictive watching your blog stats, isn’t it? Remember when Google Analytics came to town and instead of waiting days to see traffic reports, you could see updates in mere hours. On a good day, you could sometimes see things in 15 minutes. Well, GA, there is a new new kid on the block, he shows you data in real time, and his name is chartbeat.

Drupal, Lawsuits and a Peruvian Prostitute

Sorry, so very sorry, dear reader. This isn’t a real post. But it is research for a real post. You see, I’m test driving a new analytics package which, on first impressions, is awesome. Problem is, my blog doesn’t get enough traffic to make any screenshots interesting. Which is why you are here.